Paris Selvey is the daughter of a CEfO of a big hotel company. She is kinder than the other rich girls since she lived without a mother so she learned how to be her own mother. Paris does get attention by boys but she always send them away since she doesn't care about love in a situtation she is in. 

Character InformationEdit


Paris is a loyal,kind,and generous. She is different from the other rich girls since she doesn't act spoiled or try to lie about things, she keeps herself true, even though it may cause her trouble. Paris' role is to find how her mother died and the truth about her family. She always asks her father and her aunts and uncles  for answers but they always say "The Truth is sealed, the answer will come when they will come". Paris never understood that, so she searched and searched all her life to find answers.

Life StoryEdit

Paris was born on May 1, 1998. Her Full name is Paris Lana Selvey. Paris' life was easy, she didn't have any troubles. She used to be spoiled but until her 4th Birthday. When she woke up from a nap, she heard the worst news a kid would ever hear, her mother..was found dead. Paris screamed and cried for 5 hours, she loved her mom dearly. 

Paris' father, Marcus Olivie Selvey, was also heartbroken. His wife, Lillian Glory Selvey was his first wife, he loved her dearly since college. They were married for 14 years already and Paris' 4th birthday was their 15th. Marcus and Paris lived a sad life but Paris changed everything, she turned happy on her 10th birthday since she recieved a gift her mother left for her. It was a locket with picture of their whole family. Paris kept it ever since.


Paris has brown hair and brown eyes. Her lips are light pink and her cheeks are also light pink. She has her hair in a curly ponytail, the tie is a ribbon that is connected  to a locket that hides under the ribbon.