Noah Heartson

Character InformationEdit


Noah is kind and friendly, he love talking with someone and want to help soeone in need, sometine everyone can see he's very shy to approach someone, but with the time he can be sociable.

Physical DescriptionEdit

He's a very skinny boy, he wear a red shirt and green pants with blue shoes on his feets. He had pae skin blue eyes and brown hairs.


He love play footbal, he's very good fokicking the ball in the goal.


Noase his two parents in a car accident, he's now living with his three brothers to their grandparen house after the aincident. He's just thirdten years old and he's a new student to Meadow Hill School, he do have some friends when he arrive for thrst time, he love some of the classes but he l a little lost in some classes. He try very heard to studied achool and with his grandparents he will do the best for be the best student.



He living with his grandparents and three brothers who are Stephen, Michael and Florian.


He's the best friends of Caleb since their childhood he will never go anywhere without him, because they are inseparable and they are very great sts from the school.


He do not have a love interest yet, but he's still loking for the perfect rich girl. But he didn't notice that Mary Brent is crushing on him.