Michael Heartson

Character InformationsEdit


Michael is very nice and kind, he also very funny and love make joke for make his friends laugh, he's also a little short temper he can lose i easily.

Physical DescriptionEdit

He's wearinga green shirt with blue pants, and green forest shoe on his feets. He also have brown blue eyes and he's skinny and have pale skin.


He love playing hokey, he's in Meadow league team since one year.


Michael is the elder son of the Heartson family, he also lived with his threes brothers to his grandparents hose since the death of their parents, he 's fithten yea old and take care of his littles brothers. He love his family he also love sport like the hockey, he's in the team of Meadow school since one year, all the girls in the school love him, but he is stil looking for the girl of his dream.



He live with his grandparents, he's the older brother of Noah, Stephen and Florian.


All boys from the hockey team


He's still looking for the perfect girl, He didn't notice Sarah is crushing on him.