Welcome to the Meadow Hill High School WikiEdit

The Meadow Hill School is a private school filled with rich students. The Crystals are the most popular girls in the school and they act like they run the school. The Flames are the most popular boys in school.

Everyone says that there are secrets in the school that the Crystals only know about. Is it true or not? Are they evil as they seem or is it just a rumor? Do you trust them or do you hate them? So many questions have to be answered and so many mysteries have to be solved.

The Rules of This Wikia are..Edit

  • Violence isn't allowed between users but it is allowed between characters.
  • Cursing is allowed since this is a Highschool but don't over due it.
  • One character may only have that name. (Ex:Paris Selvey. No one can use the name Paris again, no matter what))
  • Character's romance and nakedness is allowed. But use it wisely or an admin may change your character or story.
  • Be friendly to everyone.
  • Ask CreativeMadness or an Admin for help.

Latest activityEdit

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