Mary Merrielle is a princess from Lunaritaria and Altaria. She is attending Meadow Hill High School because she felt that she was destined to go there. Mary is princess from two countries because her spirit was spilt into two, her Lunaritaria spirit mixed with her Altaria spirit when Mary's mom married her dad, and her mom was the princess of Altaria and her dad was the prince of Lunaritaria.

Character InformationEdit


Mary is a fun princess who enjoys playing games. She loves making people smile instead of bowing down to her. Mary can become split into two since her two spirits may come out during angry occasions. She tries her best to calm them both down but if she can't then she would just cry while someone may hug her.

Life StoryEdit

Mary was born on June 14, 1999. She was born to Queen Meriel and King Rihito. Mary was raised in Altaria but she visits Lunaritaria since her father lives there and he rules it. She became very lonely when she turned 5 since her parents were always busy and she never had any siblings. Her ladies in waiting adn her maids were her only friends, they always kept her company but Mary still felt alone. She heard about Meadow Hill High School, she knew that she would meet her true love there so she told her mom she wanted to attend there.


Mary has long mixed brown and black hair. Her left eye is a light blue and her right eye is dark blue. Mary's lips are a light pink. She is 5'7 but 5'8 when she tippietoes.