Harlee is the tomboy of the three triplets.

Character Info.Edit


Harlee is a tough girl who hates girly.

Story: Harlee was raised on a farm by her uncle Jarod and aunt Tanya, living with their kids: Nicole, Candyce, Hunter, Easton. She mostly hung out with Hunter as they are the same age. The two took all sorts of sports teams togeather. The reason she was raised by them is because her father had been sent to prison and her mother had been kidnapped by one of his partners. Her and her sisters had been found by the police before by their fathers partners. At the age fourteen the police found all her fathers partners and their mother. Sadly their mother was in no condition to rais them so they where full time adopted by their aunt andlive with her and her two sons.



Family: Her sisters Abbey and Addaline 

Friends: All the guys in the sports teams

Romance: She has a huge crush on the football team captain, John Smith. But she would die if her sisters found out about it. He likes her too, and this year he is going to ask her out and maybe to be his GF.