Addaline is the crazy one of her and her triplet sisters: Abbey and Harlee

Character Info.Edit


Addaline is a crazy yet fun girl. People love to be around her but it is sometimes to much to be around her because she is optimistic

Life Story: Addaline grew up living with her aunt and two cousins, who repeatedly got into trouble for throwing parties. That is where she learned to thrown such great parties. The reason she had to live with her aunt and cousins is because, their father had been sent to jail and their mother had been kidnapped by one of his partners. Her and her sisters where found by the police as babies before their fathers partners had found them. They had been sent away to safety and where adopted by their relatives. When she was fourteen, the police had found all of their fathers partners and their lost mother. Sadly their mother was in no condition to rais them so she and her sisters had to be fully adopted by their aunt and her two sons... who Addalilne had already grown up with so there wasnt much change for her.


Family: Her sisters, Abbey and Harlee

Friends: she has so many it would take and entire book to list them all

Romance: Addaline likes the captain of the basketball team; Hutson Anderson.