Abbey Brighthart is triplets with her sisters Addaline and Harlee. They are all best friends and it is their first year at Meadow Hill High school. 

Character informationEdit


Abbey is a kind girl who is great at making friends. When she will talk to people instead of hiding herself behind a book.


Abbey loves reading, it takes her into another deminson and she loves the feeling as if she is a part of an amazing journey.

Abbey likes to cook when she has time to spare after reading. She also loves spending time with her family and her sisters.

Life StoryEdit

Growing up Abbey lived with her grandmother who owned a library, which got her into books. She had to live with her grandmother because her father had been sent to jail and her mother had been kidnapped by one of his partners. Abbey and her sisters had been found by the police before their fathers partners had gotten them to, they had to "dissapear" so they had to be split up. When Abbey was fourteen years old the police had found all of her fathers partners and their mother too. But, sadly, their mother was in no condition to rais them so they had to be sent to their aunts to live with


Family: Abbey has two sisters, Addaline and Harlee

Friends: Abbey's only friends so far are her sisters but she will make many during the year

Romance: A boy named Joshua Jameson likes her but she hasnt noticed yet



Abbey Brighthart